About me

My name is Sergey Grin, and I am a Full-Stack Web Developer and Neural Networks Engineer by trade, passion and diplomas. For the whole my life I was always really interested in technology, particularly the internet.

About me

Till date I have improved a lot in my skill. I’m plugged in to as many designer and hacker news outlets as I can to make sure that I’m doing things right. Even so, there are still things that I don’t know. Whether that is due to the ever changing nature of the industry, or the fact that I more and more trying to educate myself without any outside help, I am constantly learning new things to improve my craft. And I can’t be the only one.

So I have decided to start this blog, “simplex code”, where I share my ever growing knowledge about software development and life as a developer in our rapidly changing world. Particularly little simple code snippets that, as a developer, you could get away with not writing, but you should. Or things that you may be writing but don’t really understand why. I’m sure there will be things I just learn that pretty much all developers already know about, but I guess I have accepted that I might look stupid!

As I am currently a Full-Stack developer, most of my posts related to those areas. However, you may find that my Web Development a bit fancier than others because I am constantly seek for an opportunity order to find an use for my knowledge regarding Neural Networks (things are that ML and AI around every corner nowadays).

What do we have afterwards? I do love, even obsessed with web development, I also into putting AI whether it belongs there or not and, from time to time, I intend to write not only about solid code but the modern developer’s life itself as well

If this sounds like something you are interested in, sit tight and enjoy the fact that you already found like-minded software developer who also strive to improve his live and career.

Contact me

To contact me use preferable method from side-menu or you may find me on different social-networks, as well as professional resources, by my nickname “Grinzzly”.

Don’t hesitate to contact me whatever you got: a complain, gratitude, improvement ideas or a threat